Friday, May 1, 2009

Seeing Ourselves

I went with my husband to his band practice the other evening. It was nice. I packed a small bag of art supplies and worked in my art journal while he made music with his friends. It's almost enough to make me wish that I had some kind of musical talent so that I could create with him, but I suppose I'll settle for creating near him.

This is the latest. I'm thinking of expanding on this idea. And doing torn/see through stitched back together pieces, but larger and then stretching them over a canvas frame. It sounds time consuming but enjoyable.

I'm working on 3 larger pieces at the moment, outside of my art journal. All of them are at different stages... but all three are coming along. I'm hoping to finish them by June 1st to display them at the Art Walk in Marietta.

I also read about a new art exhibit in Nashville at the Frist Center for Community Arts. ( -look under exhibits.) It's called "Seeing Ourselves" It's presented by the Safe Haven Family Shelter. The Safe Haven Family Shelter is one of the only shelters in TN that provides interim housing and job training for displaced families.

With the economy as frightening as it is. And watching people lose their jobs one after another. This sort of assistance is exactly what we need.

The last line in the article I read about it says, "thereby brining a face to homelessness." And I can't help thinking about that same quote from Faceless International.

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