Sunday, May 10, 2009

Glitter Guts

A quick art to-do list:

*Dreamers painting, both for a DA contest due May 30th and the Art Walk June 1st.
*The Saint and the Snake painting - for the art walk in June.
*Will and Quinn - also, June 1st.
*Lace - June 1st. (Those 4 combined with an older self portrait will be the five on display. I hope.)
*Finish up my proposal for Chronicle Books and mail it in.
*Edit my story - TPoK. (I've been reading some Stephenie Meyers lately, and for some reason she makes me want to write. It's like I get so frustrated at her endings, or just the way the book goes in general that I want to stop reading and write my own story - the way I want it.)
*I'd love to actually write "The Owl Queen" down. It's just in my head mainly for now. Maybe NaNoWriMo this year?
*Continue on with my art journal, which shouldn't be difficult as I can't seem to help myself with it. If anything it will be blocking my progress with these other works.

I know there's more to this. Maybe I'll add more as it comes to my brain. It always seems to help me if I have a list to cross things off of. And so I don't lose things in this brain of mine.

Happy Mother's Day!

I've always liked it in blogs when they do a "what I'm reading" and "what I'm listening to"... so I'm thinking I might start adding this in at the end of mine.

What I'm Reading: (or actually just finished...)

The Host, by Stephenie Meyer.

She definitely has a way of creating relationships between her characters that makes you want to read on. I think that's what draws me to her work. If you're a Twilight fan... you'll like it. As long as you like Twilight for a reason other than Edward - he's not in this one. :)

What I'm Listening To: (thanks to a DA friend...)


  1. Hey, I like your blog ! It is clever! I like your header! I have not heard of the song though! Nice blog!


  2. I am absolutely in love with your journals! They are AWESOME!!!! :)

  3. Hannah: Thanks! I really appreciate you checking it out. I'm new to this whole blog thing so... I'm still working on it. <3

    Apple: Thank you so much! A fellow art journaler I see! <3 Yay! I love art journals.

    Can't wait to see more of yours.