Thursday, April 23, 2009

Art Journals

This is the second page of the new book. And a bit of a theme for it.

Also - I've been doing a bit of research on what it is I do, these sketchbook things, and apparently they are actually called "Art Journals".
And... the best part, there are TONS of people that do them.

I've spent a good deal of the last couple days going through other people's journals mainly on youtube:

SuziBlu - she's amazing! Wonderfully crazy if you will and I highly recommend her if you wish to start art journaling and are having difficulty finding inspiration. She gives lovely little prompts.


And this lady... SamanthaKira who is wonderful at sharing fun things to do in your journal, as well as a pretty epic supply list. For the most part I'd say she's right on with what I use. (I really need to check out those pens she talks about.)


It's kind of nice to have an art category to fit into. I'm a mixed media collage artist who likes to do art journals. It's funny because I never really thought anything would come of my journals. They have always been something I just did, because I had to, because I needed to.

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