Thursday, April 23, 2009

Art is the Cure!

I've come across a couple non-profits that are interesting to me.

1. [link] Love Your Body! I'll be doing a page inspired by them shortly.

2. [link] and Art is the Cure! - I'm loving this. (not sure yet if they're an actual factual non-prof, but I'm liking the message.) I e-mailed the guy a few questions I had. I wouldn't mind getting involved with this. It especially calls to the part of me that wants to go into Art Therapy.

Also doing a bit of copyright research. (being a collage artist and all this probably should have come a good deal sooner.)

First - lots of research on copyright. And most of it depr
essing for someone who's used so many images that aren't mine. I'm in the process of going through and giving proper credit and listing materials and also - giving the pages titles as well as numbers.

For any questions on copyright check this out: [link]

She's an artist - not a lawyer, so while she's not the "law" she puts things in terms that are actually understandable.

What I've pulled from it - Basically, don't use anything that's not yours.
I still have a few questionable things... (ex. stamps (are the designs copy righted?), fonts, the wrappers from packages, using certain images as ref
erences to draw from, bible verses - any advice on these I'd appreciate.)

I'd always heard the... as long as you change the images enough... but I think that's bull now. I've resorted to public domain images (like this site: [link] ) for things now, as well as using more of my own and taking my own. Needless to say, things are moving much slower now.

It's weird. I'm having to change the way I work entirely. I'm so spontaneous... now I have to actually plan what I want. It's weird... not sure if I'm a fan. I guess we'll s
ee how the art turns out and go from there.

I secretly want a job at Kinko's so I can hang out there all day and photo copy images to use in my books. I think I might look into it. Seriously.

And a new page...

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