Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"At times I am so self destructive"

"With no intent or motive
But behind this emotion,
There lies a sensible heart
A sensible heart"

May 30th

There's only one thing I hate about you.

You make me feel like I'm not good enough. I know that I'm not ever going to change - at least not in the areas that are so obviously annoying to you, SO I feel as if I'm never going to be good enough. I'll never be that person.

May 31st

I ask who she is
We both feign disinterest. Make it casual curiosity. But we both hold in our secret breaths, wondering how this will play out. Will you call my bluff? Will I call yours? Do I want to?

June 6th

Female objectification

Saint? Naked? Red back with dried glue. Too sexual? Too gross?

June 8th

Death and decay is beautiful when it's natural.

I found a baby bird that had fallen from the nest. It had maggots moving beneath the skin, I thought it was still breathing.

Road kill is the worst. For months now I've watched the death of an animal become something more... flat. Pressed into the concrete over and over. Rained on. Just a pelt of something that at one time wasn't flat. Something that was breathing

Escapism. Fantasy as a parallel for everything we're too afraid to face.

June 17th

My crimes are written on your body.

June 18th

On rare occassions, I think two wrongs do make everything right again. Are we even now?

Dear me,
I'm taking over. Holding your love ransom until you're able to handle it yourself again. Love is a strong emotion, one I'm beginning to doubt all are capable of, and you're just too weak.

Love is for the brave.


Words connecting and words tearing apart. Writing people together.

Rule one for a conversation.
There is no right answer. No one wins a conversation.
Two. When someone is talking to you - stop thinking about what you're going to say in response. Do your best to put yourself in their place. Do your best to really understand what they are saying, and what they aren't saying.
Three. Choose better words.

June 22nd

With these words I whisper, I will guard your heart.

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